Percentage of gay people

In the 1970s, a prominent activist group in the US named the National Gay and lesbian Task Power used a statistic to promote their revolutionary politics — that particular in twelve Americans was gay. Today, that amount remains to be a potent image of the size and diversity within the LGBTQ community.

But the percentage of Americans who will be gay or lesbian is significantly lower than that, according to surveys. They have only just a little over 10 % of the citizenry, according to modern forms and research.

There are several reasons behind this. To begin with, most people no longer want to be able to they’re homosexual or lesbian when they is not going to actually want to always be.

Also, various people dislike the idea of becoming gay or perhaps lesbian mainly because they fear the harmful consequences. Which includes discrimination, nuisance and violence.

Another reason that lots of people don’t want to be gay or perhaps lesbian is they think 2 weeks . indication of weak point. This is especially true in a few areas of the world just where gay rights are still illegal, such as Africa.

Across the globe, banal in most countries remain among the least recognizing of homosexuality. In sub-Saharan Africa and in mainly Muslim countries, for example , solid majorities of citizens declare homosexuality should not end up being accepted by simply society.